Meet Jonah

Sometimes in life you need an extra boost. This is exactly how Jonah’s parents felt when he started speech therapy at Kids Who Count just before his 2nd Birthday. Jonah had previously been in another speech therapy program, but his parents hadn’t seen much progress -that is until he met Rachel.

“Jonah immediately took to her and we would look forward to her monthly visits. He didn’t make speech therapy easy (he’s a stubborn kid) but she knew all the tricks to get him to cooperate! We slowly began to see some real progress and it made a huge difference in our daily lives.”

Rachel worked hard to get Jonah tested and get him the help he needed. Now he is 4 years old and his speech has steadily improved. “Jonah’s speech still isn’t perfect but we can understand a vast majority of what he says, which has eliminated a lot of frustration. He works really hard at pronouncing words correctly and he’s so proud of himself when he gets it!” ~Kourtney Simons

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