Meet William And Edward

William and Edward were born a few weeks early and spent some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before coming home. To make sure they got a healthy start, they were visited often during their first few months to check on their health and development and the nurse suggested they both get tested for delays through Kids Who Count.

Both twins worked with Kids Who Count specialists on physical, occupational, and speech therapy until their third birthday.

“Our family was greatly impacted by the services our sons, Edward and William, received through Kids Who Count,” their mother, Alice, said. “Edward was helped in all areas, especially being able to eat a variety of foods and taste different textures with the assistance from the occupational therapist.”

William also improved in all areas, especially his gross motor skills. The physical therapist assisted William from doing an army crawl to being able to walk independently.

At two years old, both boys also attended an hourly play therapy session at Kids Who Count on a weekly basis. The play therapy sessions helped them improve following directions, interacting with other children, and transitioning between different activities. The behavior/speech therapist helped to support William and Edward’s communication and cognitive skills.

“The staff from Kids Who Count also helped us transition the boys from drinking only from bottles to being able to drink from straws, sippy cups, as well as, regular cups,” Alice said.

“The changes that we have seen in our family as a result of services from Kids Who Count are incredible!” Alice said.  “Through the services that were provided from professionals at Kids Who Count, our sons learned how to eat, drink, walk, and play at developmentally appropriate levels. Although they are still delayed, our twin sons have made great progress with Kids Who Count and continue to make great progress in preschool!”

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