Meet Eli 

Eli needed some extra help to reach his developmental milestones and began receiving early intervention at Kids Who Count (KWC) when he was two years old. His parents were impressed by the KWC early intervention team and how much they cared about EliWhen Eli was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)the family enrolled him in KWC’s autism services program to receive Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA.  

After just a few weeks of ABA, Eli is already making a lot of progress. He is learning how to use pictures to communicate since he is non-verbal. Eli’s mom says this has been a major improvement for their family! One day, Eli was upset, and his mom pulled out a picture of his snack cupboard. Eli calmed down and pointed to the snack he wanted. While Eli still has some tough times, his parents say he is happier and less frustrated when trying to communicate his needs. Celebrating Eli’s successes creates a calmer dynamic in the home and his family more time to play and laugh with Eli. 

Eli is such a fun-loving little boy, and his parents say he loves having these new “friends” in his life. He enjoys working with the Behavior Technicians (RBT’s) on his team, Abby and Ashlyn, because they are enthusiastic and excited to work with him every day. The family is so pleased with Eli’s Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, (BCBA) Bryce. They describe Bryce as sensitive and feel he truly listens to them and includes them in the treatment planning process.  

 It means the world to us to receive feedback like this from our familiesWe are proud of our staff and so grateful to work with Eli and his family!   



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