Meet The Team


Melanie Linford

Executive Director

Mirna Chavez

Associate Director


Holly Hansen

Building & Volunteer Facilitator

Lyda Becerra

Executive Assistant

Liz Burraston

Administrative Coordinator

Early Intervention

Heather Record

Registered Nurse

Connie O’Hara

Intake & Compliance Coordinator

Rachel Tenney

Speech Language Pathologist

Mary Walker

Occupational Therapist

Darla Davis

Speech Language Pathologist

Kim Green

Physical Therapist

Linda Lange

Developmental Specialist

John Perkins

Developmental Specialist/Social Worker

Jessica Harding

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Megan Hope

Lead Service Coordinator

Jocelyn Garcia

Service Coordinator

Joseph Petterson

Developmental Specialist

Estee Gonzales

Service Coordinator

Lacey WIlson

Developmental Specialist

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