Meet Miles

In the fall of 2019, Miles’ mom, Emily, was at her wit’s end trying to get Miles to communicate with her. She would try multiple guesses before Miles would giggle, finally indicating she’d guessed it right. A small grunt meant the answer was NO. 

Many of Emily’s friends told her Miles would “just catch up.” Finally, one of her friends suggested she contact Kids Who Count, so just a few days before Miles’ 2nd birthday, Emily called us. 

Miles began in-person sessions with Darla Davis, our Kids Who Count Speech-Language Pathologist. “Darla was amazing with Miles,” Emily said. “He easily warmed up to her. I loved the way she interacted with him.” 

But then the Covid-19 virus hit, and everything seemed to come to a standstill. “I had all of my kiddos home, and it was so stressful,” Emily said.  

Darla suggested they try doing some speech therapy sessions remotely using Zoom conferencing. And, Miles did pretty well, paying attention for short spurts of 15 to 30 minutes. His vocabulary grew, and he now tries hard to communicate using his new words. 

“Some days were better than others,” Emily said. “We even did a few in-person sessions out in our front yard. Miles really enjoyed those days. He knows so many more words than before, and I attribute that to Darla and what she taught me to do.” 

Even Miles’ siblings have learned how to help him. Instead of talking for their brother, Miles’ sisters now try to get him to use his words himself. 

“Overall, my experience with Kids Who Count was amazing,” Emily said. “and I’m grateful for this program.” 

If you are concerned about your child’s speech or have questions about their development, don’t wait. We can help! The sooner we start, the further they go! 

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