Meet Ellie

Ellie is my third child. When Ellie turned one I began to worry about her speech because she was not speaking or making babbling noises. I contacted Kids Who Count to get an evaluation done for her and we began speech shortly thereafter. Virginia has been teaching me to help Ellie. The peace of mind has been such a blessing knowing that Ellie is getting the help she needs to be successful.
Ellie loves when Virginia comes over to play. She gets so excited to see the new activities which we try to work on daily. My older children have enjoyed learning ASL so they can help Ellie communicate which helps her get her needs met. I love how much their relationship as siblings has grown. I love that I have a resource I can rely on if I have any questions or concerns.
Ellie has been making progress. The biggest advancement has been over the last two weeks. Ellie has started the music class with Mylie, the music therapist. She has begun to mimic others actions and her ability to interact with others her age is getting better. I am so thankful for Virginia and Mylie and their willingness to help me help my child!!

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