Meet Hazel

When Hazel was about 20 months old, she was not speaking at all. I had taught her some baby sign language to be able to communicate with her. When I finally got the courage to call Kids Who Count, they immediately jumped in. They started coming …and I didn’t see much progress at first. She had major anxiety with everyone and wouldn’t speak. But I still remember the first time at her playgroup, she played with one of the teachers. I recorded it and came home and cried. Then shortly after that, we were in the car and she pointed outside the window and said “cow!” Tears streamed down my face. She has now graduated from the program and is a chatterbox! I actually have to tell her to “stop talking” sometimes! And every time I do, I laugh because I’m so grateful that I have to tell her that. Thanks to Kids Who Count and their persistence, they got her to start talking and helped her anxiety immensely. We LOVE Kids Who Count and always will!

They helped us get our nonverbal, high social anxiety 2 year old to a friendly chatterbox.

We can now communicate with her. I have a lot more tools to help her when she is struggling. I used to get frustrated but now I can actually help her when she can’t communicate what she is trying to.

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