Meet Quinn

Quinn is our third child and was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, a condition we knew nothing about, before he was born. We felt overwhelmed with his future and didn’t know what to expect, since every child with Spina Bifida is affected in different ways. We met with Kids Who Count when Quinn was around 6 months old and had a nurse work with us on his cognitive and behavioral skills. After Quinn got through his treatment for bilateral clubfeet, common in kids with SB, we started working with a physical therapist.

I don’t know how we would get through this without the help of the wonderful people at Kids Who Count. As a parent to a special needs child, their help, support and wisdom has helped pave the way for us to get Quinn what he needs when we had no idea what that was. Every visit, we go over what he is currently doing and what we need to work on. They give us ways to help Quinn learn the skills he needs but is harder for him because of his SB.

I felt so lost when Quinn was first born but now I know that we have skilled help that will give us the tools and knowledge to help Quinn. I know that he would not have as much mobility if we didn’t have the help of Kids Who Count.

Quinn has picked up many of the skills he needs almost right after a session with Kids Who Count. They show us what to do with him to help him learn something and he picks it up within days, if not that day. They have so many easy ways for us to help him and have always listened to my concerns and answered my questions with respect and kindness. They do an amazing job to work around our schedule and get us the equipment, tools and knowledge we need to help our son.
~Tiffany Miller

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