Meet Trayson

Cute little Trayson had a speech delay. It was like pulling teeth to get him to talk at all.

“At first I was skeptical and didn’t want to reach out,” Trayson’s mother, Cindy, said. “Trayson was happy, but he just didn’t talk much or very well.”

But when Cindy finally reached out to Kids Who Count, she found everyone was very supportive and easy to work with. “It was such a relief to realize I wasn’t alone and had help,” Cindy said.

“We are so grateful for Kids Who Count, and more specifically, Darla, our speech-language pathologist, for helping our family,” Cindy said. “She was great with Trayson during her visits. I especially loved how she gave us ideas of things to work on throughout the week. It was nothing time-consuming or hard, but little ideas we could integrate into our daily life.”

“Kids who count has made all the difference,” she said. The whole family is happier now that Trayson can communicate with them and he can understand when they communicate with him!

“Trayson is talking ten times better and has a desire to talk,” Cindy said. “As a result, there have been fewer meltdowns and we can tell Trayson is happier and more confident. Trayson is our oldest, so we find that we are passing the knowledge we received with Trayson on to his little brother.”

If you are concerned about your child’s development, don’t wait. Contact us today. We want to help more kids like Trayson.

We are now also accepting families for our new program: Autism Services at Kids Who Count. If you know a child in Utah County who needs autism services call us at 801.423.3000 or go to our website at

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