Meet Ruby

Ruby began her journey with Kids Who Count at 18 months of age. Her parents were concerned when Ruby was not walking or talking on her own at 18 months. She would sing the lyrics to songs and nursery rhymes, but didn’t say words like “mom” and she wasn’t walking on her own. She began early intervention services at Kids Who Count receiving physical, occupational and, other developmental therapists. Ruby made progress in early intervention and she was eventually diagnosed with Autism. 

Today, Ruby is receiving autism services at Kids Who Count and continues to make steady progress. Ruby’s mom says, “The Kids Who Count building is like a second home to Ruby. She adores coming to the clinic and feels it is a safe space for her.”   

Lately, Ruby is interacting more with her family and shows more interest in family activities. She really loves to play and chase with her older sister and she is making more eye contact with family members, which is an important step forward. 

Ruby’s mom says she is constantly making great progress and reaching her potential in all aspects of her life, “the staff at Kids Who Count is so professional and understanding of Ruby’s and our family’s needs. The BCBA and RBT’s are so respectful and kind to Ruby. We have full confidence that Kids Who Count Autism Center is the best place for her to grow and progress.” 


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