Meet Reagan

My family has truly benefited from the early intervention services provided by Kids Who Count. My husband and I received marriage and mental health counseling, and our sons, Reagan and Adam, have received many services including playgroup, hearing tests, and speech and language therapy instruction in addition to developmental screenings and the parenting instruction and support received during monthly in-home visits. Each of these services has been extremely helpful to our family.

The Kids Who Count team comes to my home, and models techniques to teach me to help me be my son’s best therapist and teacher. I see the staff interact with my sons, and I get to practice copying them in their presence and can ask the questions that come up as I practice. I know I can contact my providers with questions and get the personalized responses I need. They are always there for us.

Thanks to Kids Who Count, we have seen major improvement in the quality of our family life and our personal health and development. The marriage and mental health services we’ve received helped us become stronger and more united as a couple. Our therapist, Karen Fairchild, truly understands our unique needs better than any of my previous therapists. She has gained my confidence because she has been careful to make sure she understands our concerns before she begins to offer any counsel. She understands how our son’s Autism and special needs impact our marital relationship and emotional well-being. Learning from her has been easy and natural, especially because she embodies the principles and skills she teaches. Probably the most valuable things I’ve learned from her are how to cope with loss in a healthy way and how to take responsibility for my own happiness. I am so grateful for the support we have received from Kids Who Count and hope that other families will continue to be blessed in the same way.

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