Meet Lydia

Lydia started services with Kids Who Count when she was thirteen months old because she was struggling with rolling, crawling and walking.  In just 5 months, she made enough improvement to “graduate” from the program because she no longer needed the services.


I can’t say enough about Kids Who Count and how much we appreciate, Kim, our Physical Therapist. I get a little emotional thinking about it.  We’d been praying and working so hard for almost a year trying to help Lydia move.  It’s a blessing that’s hard to articulate – to see her face when she hit those milestones you taught her and us how to do.  Without your help, I literally would have had no clue how to help her.  I know it’s your job, but your passion and love for my girl (and it’s easy to imagine you are this way about every child you see) and the help you gave her, was so apparent to me.  Kim, you have a gift, and you are using it incredibly well.  I’m sure you have dozens if not hundreds of parents express similar things to you.  But for me, this is from my full heart to yours.  THANK YOU!!!

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