Meet Leandro

Leandro’s first two years of life were very difficult—for him and for his family. 
“Thank God, today I can say that there have been many angels on his path who have helped him make significant progress in all areas of his development,” his mother, Flor, said, “especially Kids Who Count.” 

Leandro was diagnosed with autism about a year ago and also has a rare disease called Chromosome Number 19 Microdeletion Syndrome. When he and his family began to receive services through Kids Who Count, it was significant for them. Leandro soon began to have notable changes in his physical and intellectual development celebrating small achievements such as clapping, pointing with his finger, and great achievements such as getting up without help to communicating through basic word signs like “eat.” 
“Kids Who Count and their therapists are angels in my son’s life,” his Flor said. “They have changed Leandro’s life, and ours, for the better. We now understand his diagnosis and can help him become an immensely happy child. We used to have to guess what he wanted, but now I’m happy too because he can tell me what he wants through signs.” 
“There are no words to express how grateful we are to Kids Who Count,” Flor said. 
We are so thrilled and gratified to see little Leandro’s progress. Our mission includes helping kids with autism reach their developmental potential. It’s wonderful to be a part of the lives of these exceptional children!

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