Meet Jack

Jack (second from left) is the youngest of four energetic boys. He and two of his brothers received early intervention services from Kids Who Count for a metabolic disease called Glycogen Storage Disease. One of the main symptoms is hard-to-control blood sugar and one of the effects of chronic low blood sugar is developmental delays. These boys spent most of their infancy trying to survive, and their bodies put development on the back burner.

“The services they’ve received through Kids Who Count helped them catch up and gain skills as they become stronger!” Jack’s mother, Erica, said.

Jack is still working with Kids Who Count. “As his doctors have worked to help his blood sugar stay stable, Mary has helped him work on his motor skills and speech. He is still behind his peers, and probably always will be, but he is progressing and doing better each month. He loves Mary and likes to show off his new skills when she comes over. He has just started walking and enjoys dancing now that he is confident on his feet,” Erica said.

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