Meet Ezra


When Ezra was approaching his first birthday and still wasn’t crawling, his parents became concerned, and Ezra was diagnosed with low muscle tone. 

Soon after the diagnosis, Ezra started receiving services with Kids Who Count. Kim Green, our physical therapist started working with Ezra. Kim has really made things fun for Ezra and he absolutely loves her. He looks forward to her visits with great anticipation and he is convinced that the therapy is PLAY! It has made all the difference. 

Ezra’s mom says, “It has been a huge support to both me and my son working with Kim. He has made so much progress and is walking like a champ now. He even likes to hike with us. Our day-to-day life is much easier now that Ezra is walking and getting around on his own. Kim has also given us many good strategies and ideas for working on his gross motor skills and strengthening his muscles just through our everyday activities.” 

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