Meet Cora

Not being able to understand your child is frustrating, for both you and them. Cora is the second child in the Georgi family with a speech delay, but because of their past experience with Kids Who Count they knew exactly where to turn for help. When Cora was 15 months Linda came to their home and helped with speech as well as helping her overcome her shyness and fear of strangers.

“Linda was so great for me too,” her mom, Francesca said, “she bolstered my confidence in my ability to help my child and was open and honest yet positive every step of the way”

Just before her second birthday, Linda suggested that Cora work with a speech therapist and helped introduce the family to Danielle. Cora is now 24 months old and has gone from just making some babbling noises to speaking three-word sentences that can be understood at least half the time.

“Our family life is much calmer now, with far less stress. I’m grateful every day for the small things that most people take for granted, such as when she answers a question like, “Would you like toast or yogurt for breakfast?” Our family has developed together as we’ve learned to cope with these disabilities and make them uniquely us.”

If you have concerns about your child’s development, don’t wait to get help. Call us at 801.423.3000 or go to Early intervention services may begin at any time between birth and age three; however, when early intervention is needed, the earlier it is provided, the better the outcome for both the child and the family.

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