Meet Archie

Adorable Archie was a typical 2-year-old going on 3. He loved to play—especially with cars—and make messes. He would run around like crazy, but he barely spoke three words. By the time his family met with us at Kids Who Count, they knew he needed help with his expressive and receptive language.

“The team at Kids Who Count was so wonderful,” Archie’s mother, Laura, said. “They had a sincere interest in helping my son to build his vocabulary. And, the process was pretty simple for me, which was much appreciated because I was in my first trimester of pregnancy.”

Archie was excited every time Melanie, his Kids Who Count specialist, came to his home. He would interact with her and learned new skills with puzzles, books, a sensory box and more. Melanie would set goals with the family on every visit and they would continue to work with Archie between visits.

Over the course of the year, his vocabulary was so improved that he scored in the normal range for his age with the speech pathologist, and in the 82nd percentile for his cognitive abilities. “By setting goals and planning, Kids Who Count has really helped us learn, as parents, how to best help him grow and develop,” Laura said.

“We have been able to set developmental goals that are age appropriate,” she said. “Being able to communicate without tantrums has helped the stress level go down in our home. We now have a new baby and we were quite nervous how Archie would react and treat the baby. Being able to talk with him about it, and having him understand, has helped Archie become a loving, gentle big brother.”

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