Kids Who Count is a non-profit organization serving families and children in South Utah County since 1986. Our mission is to empower families to optimize the developmental potential of their young children.

 Families and children who’ve come to Kids Who Count for support have been met with a compassionate team of therapists, nurses and special educators with unparalleled training and experience in early childhood development. We understand the challenges of raising a child with delays or disabilities—many of us have been there ourselves.

 Our family-focused approach comes from 30 years’ experience serving young children with special needs in our Early Intervention program. Today, we are expanding services to include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children on the Autism Spectrum. We’ve helped generations of young children and families and we can help you.

If you are concerned about your child’s development our Early Intervention Program can help!

Early Intervention

Our Autism Program is comprehensive, individualized, and includes ABA therapy and more.

Autism Services

Kids Who Count has been honored as a Top-Rated nonprofit from Great Nonprofits and a Platinum Level of Transparency Organization from GuideStar. These organizations recognize nonprofits that are rated highly by clients, volunteers, and donors. Click on the links to find out more about Kids Who Count, review our financial documentation, and read reviews.


  • Kids Who Count was a pillar of strength for our family. Today, Alex is doing many things doctors said he would never do—he attends school, plays sports, reads small books and he loves to sing!  

    Alex’s Mother
  • The kind and caring therapists from Kids Who Count pushed Emily along and helped us learn how to support her development.  We are forever thankful to Kids Who Count for their genuine love and support in helping our daughter.

    Emily’s Mother
  • Darla, the Speech Therapist, has helped our family learn how to allow our daughter to reach out to us to express her wants and needs. We are so grateful for the help we receive from Kids Who Count.  

    Caroline’s Mother

Early Intervention

Early Intervention is the process of anticipating, identifying, and responding to concerns about a child’s development to minimize potential adverse effects and maximize healthy development. Infants and toddlers learn at their own pace, some may need extra help to develop certain skills. Other children may have special health care needs or diagnosed conditions which require specialized services and treatment to improve outcomes.

Early Intervention services may begin at any time between birth and age three; however, when early intervention is needed, the earlier it is provided, the better outcome for the child and family.  In Utah, Early Intervention services for children ages 0-3 are administered by the Utah Department of Health Baby Watch Early Intervention Program under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Since 1986, Kids Who Count has been providing Early Intervention services to families residing in the Nebo School District boundaries. Each year we help hundreds of families with concerns about their young child’s development.

Kids Who Count provides a full developmental evaluation as the first step to find out if your child is eligible for Early Intervention Services. Evaluations are provided at no cost to the family. This takes place in your home with you, your child, and a team of early intervention professionals who will observe how your child plays communicates, and interacts with others.

Autism Services

We specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)—a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior which is widely recognized as the most effective, evidence-based treatment for autism. ABA methods have been used and studied for decades to help children with autism and related developmental delays increase helpful behaviors and decrease those that are harmful. ABA is endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General and the American Academy of Pediatrics. (Click here to learn more about ABA Therapy)

In addition to ABA, we utilize a broad suite of behavioral approaches and supplemental therapies recognized as best practice that help the whole child and family. From speech and occupational therapy, to mental health, family support, and parent training, our team of expert professionals will coordinate services to implement the most effective programs to help you and your child.

We celebrate what is…and commit to what can be!


Kids Who Count is partnering with other community organizations to bring resources, support, and services to families and young children in South Utah County.

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All About Early Intervention

Many parents and caregivers are NOT AWARE of the valuable resources that early intervention programs provide. Early intervention is a term used to describe the services and support available to young children and babies with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. Kids Who Count provides a full developmental evaluation, at NO COST, for families who have concerns

Expanding Autism Program Space

Thank you to the Daily Herald for sharing our news and gratitude! READ DAILY HERALD ARTICLE We are thrilled to announce that Kids Who Count has leased additional space for our growing Autism Services program. The new space is conveniently located to the west of our current building. We have begun renovating the space and

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