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Kids Who Count is a non-profit organization serving families and children in South Utah County since 1986. Our mission is to empower families to optimize the developmental potential of their young children.

 Families and children who’ve come to Kids Who Count for support have been met with a compassionate team of therapists, nurses and special educators with unparalleled training and experience in early childhood development. We understand the challenges of raising a child with delays or disabilities—many of us have been there ourselves.

 Our family-focused approach comes from 30 years’ experience serving young children with special needs in our Early Intervention program. Today, we are expanding services to include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children on the Autism Spectrum. We’ve helped generations of young children and families and we can help you.

Kids Who Count is happy to announce that we are part of the GuideStar program. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. Click the link below to view our GuideStar profile.

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  • Kids Who Count was a pillar of strength for our family. Today, Alex is doing many things doctors said he would never do—he attends school, plays sports, reads small books and he loves to sing!  

    Alex’s Mother
  • The kind and caring therapists from Kids Who Count pushed Emily along and helped us learn how to support her development.  We are forever thankful to Kids Who Count for their genuine love and support in helping our daughter.

    Emily’s Mother
  • Darla, the Speech Therapist, has helped our family learn how to allow our daughter to reach out to us to express her wants and needs. We are so grateful for the help we receive from Kids Who Count.  

    Caroline’s Mother


When you contact Kids Who Count, caring professionals will listen to your concerns. Full testing of your child’s current health and development is provided at no cost. Learn more about your child’s development and what services your child may need.

“Utah has one of the highest rates of autism, but one of the lowest rates of early detection.”

Any child under the age of three qualifies for services if he or she has a medical diagnosis such as Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. Your child may also qualify if development is delayed in one or more of the following areas:

  • Language—understanding and communicating
  • Learning, problem solving and play skills
  • Social-emotional development and behavior
  • Physical development/motor skills, vision, and hearing
  • Self-help skills—feeding, dressing, toileting

If you are concerned about your child’s development, don’t wait! Get started by contacting our intake coordinator, today.

Early intervention services are provided in the home. The type of services your child receives is based on their unique needs. Our practitioners coach parents and caregivers to find learning opportunities in their child’s daily routines as this is how children learn and develop.

We celebrate what is…and commit to what can be!

Physical Therapy services help children enhance their strength and mobility so they can become independent and safely participate in activities around their home and community. Physical therapists facilitate the development of large motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking and running.

Occupational Therapy services enhance the quality and coordination of fine movements in children such as reaching, grasping and manipulating objects, as well as functional skills like eating and dressing. Occupational Therapists also help to identify challenges related to the way a child processes and responds to sensory information.

Speech Therapy services focus on increasing expressive language skills such as gestures, sign language, pictures, augmentative communication systems, spoken language, or receptive language skills such as understanding and following directions. Each depends on the nature of a child’s communication challenges. Speech services also help children develop oral motor skills related to both speaking and eating.

Social Work services can be offered when parents may benefit from a social worker who will listen to their concerns and assist them in planning for services and assistance. Social work services may include linking families to necessary community resources. In some cases, a family may be eligible for counseling, individual therapy or support groups to help them receive the emotional support they need to care for their child.

Nursing Services include in-home health, hearing and vision assessment by a registered nurse. An early intervention nurse monitors the overall health of a child and can coordinate with a medical provider to support the child’s development.

Nutritional services are provided by a registered dietician specializing in pediatrics. A dietician will evaluate the nutritional history and dietary intake of a child, feeding skills and problems, and food habits and preferences. They help parents and caregivers develop a plan to address the nutritional needs of the child.

Services are provided by state-certified Child Development Specialists who are trained to help young children develop foundational skills in all areas of development. Child Development Specialists use coaching strategies to help parents support the learning and development throughout their child’s daily routines.

Ongoing Developmental Evaluation is conducted during the time children are receiving early intervention services to monitor a child’s progress and determine what services are needed to support his or her continuing development.

Community Parent/Child Playgroups can be offered when children need services in a social environment that extends beyond their home. Playgroups provide a unique opportunity for parents and their child to practice skills in a different learning environment with the support of staff and other parents and children. Kids Who Count facilitates playgroups at our center and other community locations such as parks or the library.

Family Training/Parent Support services are offered to help parents understand their child’s developmental needs and how to help him or her learn during their daily routines together. Parents have the opportunity to connect with other parents facing the challenges and rewards of caring for a child with special needs.   

Get Involved

Kids Who Count has helped thousands of young children in our community thanks to the support of many generous individuals and businesses.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Donate Now

The services we provide are funded through a grant from the Utah Department of Health Baby Watch early intervention program. And yet, private donations allow us to offer additional, critical services that are beyond the scope of our early intervention grant.

With your support, Kids Who Count can continue to offer services such as inclusive playgroups and mental health services for low-income families.


Share Your Story

We want to hear from you! Share your family’s story and tell us how Kids Who Count services have impacted your child and family. Your story will help us reach other families and children who would benefit from our services and educate funders and policy-makers about the importance of early intervention services.  Please share your story!

Share Your Story

Shop Using Amazon Smile

Your cash donation can make a difference for a child who truly needs it. You can also support Kids Who Count when you shop at smile.amazon.com and select Kids Who Count. 

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We give families hope for the future. And young children the opportunity to realize their potential. You can help by becoming one of our amazing volunteers.

There are many ways you can donate your time to support our mission!

  • Launch a neighborhood/workplace drive for the holidays
  • Building projects/Eagle Scout opportunities
  • Help us at a community event for families

Fill out the form below to learn more about volunteer opportunities.



Kids Who Count is partnering with other community organizations to bring resources, support, and services to families and young children in South Utah County.

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Business Hours Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

To contact us, complete the form below or call our office during business hours. Para Espanol

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