Early Intervention

Do you have questions about your child’s development?

Early intervention is the process of anticipating, identifying and responding to concerns about a child’s development to minimize potential adverse effects and maximize healthy development. Infants and toddlers learn at their own pace, some may need extra help to develop certain skills. Other children may have special health care needs or diagnosed conditions which require specialized services and treatment to improve outcomes.

Early intervention services may begin at any time between birth and age three; however, when early intervention is needed, the earlier it is provided, the better outcome for the child and family.  In Utah, Early intervention services for children ages 0-3 are administered by the Utah Department of Health Baby Watch early intervention program under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Since 1986, Kids Who Count has been providing early intervention services to families residing in the Nebo School District boundaries. Each year we help hundreds of families with concerns about their young child’s development.

Kids Who Count provides a full developmental evaluation as the first step to find out if your child is eligible for early intervention services. Evaluations are provided at no cost to the family. This takes place in your home with you, your child, and a team of early intervention professionals who will observe how your child plays communicates and interacts with others.

What is a developmental evaluation?

The evaluation looks at the following areas of your child’s development:

Cognitive: Learning, thinking, playing and problem-solving

Communication: Understanding what others are saying; expressing thoughts through gestures, sounds and words

Social/Emotional: Getting along with others, self-soothing and participating in routines

Physical: Coordinating movements; manipulating toys, sitting, crawling and walking

Self-Help/Adaptive: Calming, feeding, sleeping, and dressing

Health, Hearing, and Vision

If you have any concerns about your child’s development, don’t wait. Contact us now for a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s development. 

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