Mission and Values

Our Vision:

We envision a community where children and families have access to local services that promote positive change and give children with Autism Spectrum Disorder a chance to reach their unique individual potential.

Our Mission:

To provide exceptional, comprehensive, evidence-based care for children with Autism and support for their families.

Organizational Values


  • We are respectful, fully transparent and professional in our interactions.
  • We uphold the highest level of ethical and professional standards by using evidence-based approaches recognized by the National Standards Project and the Professional Development Center.
  • We adhere to the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code of Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
  • ACB and provide services based on best practice research, family priorities and expertise.
  • We respect the confidential nature of our work with families and children.

Team Work

  • We work together as therapists, teachers, parents, medical professionals and community members to share knowledge, solve problems, and enhance the lives and development of children and families.
  • We collaborate and include the opinions of others as we seek new ideas to improve the quality of our work and further our mission.
  • We demonstrate loyalty and respect in our work with each other, families and our community partners.

Family Centered

  • We affirm the dignity, strengths, and potential of all children and families we serve.
  • We instill hope because we believe that all children and families can learn and grow.
  • We demonstrate compassion, sincere empathy, and interest in the well-being of others by listening and acting without judgment.

Service Excellence

  • We are dedicated to providing remarkable service and evidence-based practices that support families and enhance the optimal development of young children.
  • We value the diversity of the children and families we serve and individualize services to meet their unique needs.
  • We welcome and celebrate the diversity of the children and families we serve and seek to provide culturally sensitive services in inclusive environments.
  • We are innovative and seek well-researched strategies to inform our services and reach the highest levels of performance and greater impact in our work with children and families.

Kids Who Count
345 N. SR 198
Salem, UT 84653

O 801.423.3000
F 801.423.3844

Business Hours Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

To schedule an autism consultation please fill out the form below or for general questions please call the office.

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